Developer quickstart guide

Get up and running with your first API-calls and start developing your Front Systems integration.

Integrating Front Systems with your existing retail systems can begin as soon as your Front Systems Company has been setup by a Front Systems specialist and you have received an email inviting you to register your Front Systems user account.

  1. Obtain your API keys so you can authenticate with the APIs

  2. Make your first API call to test that everything is up and running

1. Obtain your API keys to authenticate

Front Systems authenticates your requests with two API-keys.

A subscription key and an x-api-key.

You should have one subscription key shared for all integrations you build toward Front Systems API.
In case you are developing integrations which will not be running in the retailers environment, but in your own hosting environment, then you should have one subscription key used for all your retailers.

When it comes to the x-api-key, you can have as many as you want, but a good practise is to have one per integration so you easily can revoke/renew the apikeys per integration.

Obtaining the Subscription key

  1. To obtain a subscription key, you must sign up at the Front Systems Developer Portal here
    If you already have signed up, then just sign in.

  2. Choose the desired subscription type in Subscription. If you choose 'Integration partner' inform your Front Systems contact person so you may be granted access to this subscription.

  3. As soon as you get green light that your subscription is ready, you can obtain it by login into the Front Systems Developer Portal and navigating to your profile.

  4. Use this key as a header in all request like this:
    Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key : <yourKey>

Obtaining a x-api-key

  1. Make sure you have a Front Systems user account which has company admin role.
    In case you are not supposed to get this kind of elevated privledges, then just ask the company admin to read the below steps 2-6.

  2. Login to the Front Systems Backoffice Portal here
    Note: The Backoffice Portal is not the same as the Developer Portal. I know it can be abit consusing, but now that you have read this sentance, its not anymore. ;)

  3. Navigate to Admin > Integration users

  4. Click Create new

  5. Choose scope. (normally use Company as scope if the integration need access to all stores within the company. If you choose a store scope, then there are some restrictions. Eg you will only get stock movements/sales etc for the selected stores.)

  6. Take a really good look at the ApiKey and copy it to a safe place because you won't see it again.

  7. Use this as a header in all requests like x-api-key : <yourkey>

All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail. API requests without authentication will also fail.

2. Make your first API-call

Now that you have already the API tokens ready, you can try the api in you browser to test that you can successfully get into the APIs.

  1. Sign in to the Front Systems Developer Portal

  2. Navigate to APIs > GetBrands

  3. Click the green Try IT button

  4. Paste the x-api-key into the x-api-key header input field.

  5. Click Send

  6. Now you will see response in the right popover