Guides for integration

In order for retailers to offer smooth shopping experiences in store, they need to enable store associates with all the power of their existing system landscape like ERP, CRM, Loyalty, eCom etc , in one Unified Commerce App. Front Systems POS is the anchor of Unified Commerce and allows for swift and easy rollouts for local and global retailers.
In order to start using Front Systems as an enterprise retailer, there are some minimum requirements when it comes to the integration to the retailers application landscape.

In our guides you can learn what is absolutely minimum requirement to rollout Front Systems POS, and what is needed for a full fledge Unified Commerce super smooth retail solution. 
Front Systems is an off-the-shelf ready-to-use SaaS solution and a standardized product. This is for your own good so you don’t end up with a bespoke pos which is difficult to upgrade and impossible to understand.

Since you are choosing a SaaS pos solution like Front Systems, you can reap some benefits from the already existing integrations available in our platform.
Ask us what’s out of the box and what needs your integration efforts.

Below are some guides to help you get started with your own integrations, but before you continue, please keep in mind that Front Systems is a “input/output”-system.
That is, what you put in is what you get out. So make sure your data sources for master data and prices in particular, are consistent and accurate.

Master data

Import products and prices to allow store associates to start selling using the Front Systems POS.

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Logistics & in-store routines

Create deliveries, get stock- and sales transactions, end of day pos settlements and more in this guide.

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Unified Commerce & beyond

Enable store associates to place online orders from the pos, fulfil online orders, send email receipts and more.

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Integrating external logistics systems

Front Systems has its own logistics functions built-in for stock counting and other in-store logistics functions.  In addition, Front Systems has an out of the box integration for NedAp !DCloud RFID solution. However, we welcome any logistics solutions to integrate with Front Systems using the open API. Below you will find a guide on how such integrations can be set up.

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Learn how to easily setup rock solid and real time integrations using webhooks.

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